About Us

All Out Angling is a specialist fishing tackle store with a proud heritage. We cater for all aspects of recreational fishing, including Bank Angling, Rock and Surf, Specimen Carp, Bass, Fly Fishing and Skiboat. We started off in 2000 selling frozen bait to the competitive Rock and Surf fraternity in Gauteng. In 2003 we expanded by supplying terminal tackle and created a retail shop called Double Deadly Saltwater Anglers. We are constantly expanding our range to cater for all our customers diverse needs. In 2007 we changed the business name to All out Angling. Our vision is two fold, keeping to current fishing trends and most of all offering knowledgeable service to all our clients. In 2013 we re launched the All Out Angling website and added our online shop with all our products now available on-line. In the last 5 years we have moved three times to accomodate our larger stock holding. We have opened up our new Branch in December 2016 in Montana to accomodate our larger stock holding.